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The AMS surveys that you have received enable MCS to gather vital information and feedback from our stakeholders for our reaccreditation.  PLEASE complete the surveys.

The OUTCOME SURVEY is due by Tuesday, June 1.

Every group of stakeholders: parents, alumni, and staff, has a different perspective of MCS. Each perspective provides insight that will enable us to have a more complete understanding of our needs for the future. The more feedback we receive, the more meaningful our self-study report will be.


Dear MCS Parents,

The 2020-2021 school year has been unique with changes in policies and procedures due to COVID.  MCS, along with other Montessori schools, has received an accreditation extension and is anticipating an AMS accreditation team visit next spring.

Part of the reaccreditation process is gathering information from those individuals with an interest or “stake” in the school.  As parents, you are an important group of stakeholders.  Keeping that thought in mind, we need you to complete the survey by Tuesday, June 1.  Your feedback provides additional input for our self-study report.  The more information we gather, the more accurate, detailed, and valuable our self-study will be. It would be optimal to have 100% participation.

Input from former MCS parents and students would also be beneficial.  If you maintain contact with any such individuals, encourage them to contact MCS.  Their response enables us to gather evidence-based and life-long effects of their Montessori education.

Please complete one survey for each child enrolled.

We may need your help with additional surveys during the next two weeks and over the summer.  Please continue to monitor your email.

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Dear Alumni,

Montessori Children’s Schoolhouse is preparing for our AMS reaccreditation self-study. An important part of the process is gathering outcome information from our alumni.

Please do us the favor of submitting a completed survey for yourself, or child/ren, or forward this email to your child/ren, if appropriate.

We would love to hear from all of you!

Click here to start Alumni Survey.

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