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Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.

At-home Activities Suggestions for Toddler and Early Childhood Kids

We hope that the following suggestions/ideas will be helpful.  Be creative and expand upon other activities your child will enjoy.

Please, limit screen time: this includes television, computer, video games, and phone usage.

care of self and care of environment

hand washing

wiping nose

blowing nose

use napkin

sweep floor


sorting clothes

folding laundry

empty waste baskets

water plants

clean and prepare fruit and vegetables

wash and dry dishes/put dishes in dish washer

set table and clear table

wash fingerprints off walls

mop up/clean up spills on floor/table

clean windows

make bed


grace and courtesy

how to open and close door quietly

how to be patient and wait turn

use please, thank you, you are welcome, I am sorry

practice waving or “just saying “bye” instead of hugs and/or hand shaking


sensorial activities

sort objects by color, size, shape

silent game – {1-2 minutes)

-listen to things heard during silence i.e. clock, airplane, fish tank, wind blowing

-challenge child to see how quietly he/she can do, an activity (set object down, walk, run, open/close door)

have child shut eyes or blind fold child – guess what tasting or smelling, i.e. apple or pear, cinnamon or ginger


small muscle or large muscle activities

string beads


building sets – legos

board games

balance board


sit and spin



language activities

talk with your child/have conversations

read stories/books together

play word games

listen for first sound in words

rhyming words

things that go together, i.e. apple, orange, banana/shirt, dress, pants

things that are opposite, i.e. big – little/tall – short

guess what games

“you can hold theses in your hands, and you can turn pages”- (it is a book)

“It is a rectangle that can open and close” – (it is a door)

find pictures or objects that begin with an initial sound

i.e. have child find objects in the house that begin with the “m” sound


writing activities

chalk board

plain, unlined paper

cookie sheet with thin layer of salt

(child can practice numbers, and/or letters and gently shake sheet to erase)


math activities          

counting objects i.e. buttons, coins, legos

counting songs

dice games


read page numbers in book

addition and /or subtraction with buttons, coins, legos, beans

make 10 bars by stringing 10 beads on a pipe cleaner, (can also make 1-9 bars the same way)

measuring, i.e. rulers, measuring cups, measuring spoons


art activities



watercolor paints

play dough


glue/paste – scraps of paper, fabric, stickers, toothpicks, etc. to make a collage

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