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Committees of the MCS Board of Directors

The Alumni Development Committee shall establish and maintain a system of financial and voluntary support from MCS alumni families, shall keep interested alumni families informed of MCS functions in which they may wish to participate, and shall foster a continuing relationship between alumni and MCS.

All revenue generated by the Alumni Development Committee shall be used for non-operational expenses.

The Building and Grounds Committee shall be responsible for building and grounds maintenance, renovations, and improvements.

The Building and Grounds Chairperson shall be a member of the Board of Directors and may appoint parents to sub-committees to handle specific areas of responsibility. These sub-committees include: building maintenance, grounds maintenance, window maintenance.

The Building and Grounds Chairperson shall consult with the Historical Committee Chairperson at the same time any project for the outside of the building and/or its grounds are being planned.

The Building and Grounds Chairperson shall prepare an annual budget proposal for his/her areas of responsibility. He/She shall submit all contract bids to the Board of Directors for snow removal or any building and grounds improvements or renovations for consideration and approval. He/She shall insure that all contracts are completed as agreed upon. He/She shall consult, coordinate and request input from the principal/Administrator and Treasurer of the Board to insure that the goals or projects set will be successfully completed within budget guidelines.

The principal/administrator will provide to this committee a prioritized list of projects for the budget year. The principal/administrator will provide a list of parents who have skills to assist the various sub-committees.

The Education Committee shall be responsible for helping to plan and organize special projects, programs, and events for students and/or families.

The Education Committee shall assist the staff in acquiring materials needed for classroom activities and in planning speakers and field trips for the students.

The Education Committee shall plan and organize parent education activities each school year.

The Fund Raising Committee shall be chaired by a Board member with subcommittees for each fund raising event. The Board member in charge shall act as a liaison to communicate committee activities to the Board. Fund raising is defined as any event or activity designed to raise revenue for the school. All fund raising events of any type must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.

Revenue generated by fund raising may be used to supplement the yearly budget, to establish and maintain enrichment programs and/or to improve or renovate the school. Profits from specific fund raising events may be published in the monthly newsletter.

The Technology Committee shall consist of three Board members. The committee may call upon MCS parents and/or alumni with expertise in technology for consultation.

The committee shall meet, at a minimum, annually to review MCS’ technology needs and to evaluate current systems in place. In addition, the committee will set forth a plan and budget for further technology development focusing in the areas of administration, marketing/public relations, and education.

The committee will also be responsible for the oversight of technology vendors who are currently servicing MCS.

The Historical Committee must be informed of all projects planned for the outside of the building and its grounds prior to commencement in order to obtain the necessary certification of appropriateness from the Hammond Historical Preservation Commission. The Historical Committee Chairperson shall file with the Hammond Historical Preservation Commission and any other local, state or federal commission and/or office all forms required. The Chairperson shall maintain open communication with the Hammond Historic Preservation Commission.

The Investment Committee is responsible for placing and monitoring monies designated for capital investment. It is the objective of this committee to seek to maximize the yield and growth of these funds, commensurate with the preservation of the original capital. Progress of these investments shall be reported quarterly to the Board of Directors.

The Investment Committee shall be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and shall include at least one other member to be selected from the Board of Directors or from the current MCS parents. Meetings shall be held at discretion of the Investment Chairperson with a minimum of one meeting every school year. The Investment Chairperson has authority to conduct transactions pertaining to the deployment of MCS funds and shall continue to serve in that capacity at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The Investment Committee/Chairperson may withdraw funds from the investment portfolio only by the permission of the MCS Board of Directors.

Since members of the Investment Committee shall act in good faith to reach the prescribed goals, said members shall be held harmless for any investment decisions made by the committee in good faith. The Investment Chairperson shall be bonded for an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.